Gloria in excelsis – Nativity Scene Exhibition

A journey to discover the origins of the Nativity scene through projections, setting-up and sacred art objects.

The exhibition starts with the first sacred representation of the Nativity, commissioned by St. Francis in Greccio in 1223, which led to the custom of setting up the scene of Jesus’s birth in churches, until reaching the homes of the aristocracy in the seventeenth century as a symbol of luxury and power.

Over time, the hut with the Nativity has become the heart of a sort of play, a “set” composed of popular figures, traders and shepherds responding to a precise symbolism, whose meaning is explained in the exhibition.

The setting up of some lay nativity scenes, together with images of sacred art, will allow visitors to distinguish between the elements of the Nativity scene coming directly from the evangelical story and the elements that are the result of popular tradition.
The exhibition also dedicates a space to the setting up of modern Christmas cribs made of different materials.

Ticket: 5€ Free entrance for children 0-9 years old – no ticket needed.


Timetable: 10:00 to 18:15, every 15 minuti
15 minuti


Ticket: 5€
Free (0-9 anni)